Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sink or Swim...

Sorry for the delay in posts. It's been a terrible two weeks at work, and I haven't felt much like posting about some of the good things going on. Two weeks ago I shared with you some of the updates to our kitchen. It's starting to feel like a place I want to work in these days. Our stove top got fixed, well actually Darcy just troubleshooted and pulled up a spring and the negative button works on the stove top. Yes, you can actually turn down the stove instead of turning it off. 
We also got the handles on the drawers and cupboards. It's so much easier to get into cupboards now. You forget how important and convient they are to your life when you have them but when you don't look out. You find other ways of opening cupboards. It was getting really difficult to get into the drawers and cupboards as more appliances and drawers started to be installed. 
What brings me to this post tonight is my new sink and faucet. I love them!!!! 
I was cleaning up from super and thought about the choices we'd made in the sink and faucet. I have to say, we are both really happy with the choices. They both came from Costco and were the best prices when we searched around Grande Prairie. The sink is stainless steel and it's got a square look to it. If you know me at all, you'll know that I'm drawn to straight edges and clean lines. The counter insert was even cut out to be a large square, I think that's part of the reason why it took 8 weeks to come. The large tub is nice and deep, you can put in several dishes while cooking and there is still a lot of room. The grates at the bottom are not as bothersome as I thought they would be. Sometimes, cutlery gets caught underneath them but so far so good. 

Here is the faucet. I'm quite smitten <3 with it. I've always wanted a faucet like this. I know they are going out of style, at least that's what the man from DASA said when I showed it to him but it's a personal choice. It's easy to operate and the water comes out of it so nice and smoothly. When you put a pot underneath and fill it with water, there is not splashing of water and it's easy to get the pot in and out from under the tap. Love that!!!
The faucet swivels nicely and it's easy to un-attach and re-attach when you need it to spray and extend to clean the corners of the sink. I've not wanted to clean the inside of my sink each night but I do this one. It's so nice when it's clean and shiny. You'll also get to see what the counter top looks like. It's not a complete view but it's something. More to come, I promise. 


  1. I love the smile I can 'see' on your face when reading this post! It's so obvious in the voice of your writing! I'm happy for you. Mem

  2. Oh I LOVE that sink and faucet. I am really digging the industrial look these days. I wish I had such a deep sink....

    1. Isn't it devine?? I'm really loving doing the dishes these days. It's just nice to be in a nice looking space. Thanks for coming and visiting Kelly.