Monday, February 4, 2013

Pretty place for shoes

We live in a climate where you have to have about 4 different pairs of shoes for one day. For now we don't have our mud room finished and we won't be parking in the garage anytime soon, because it's filled with STUFF (yes, boxes, wood, carpentry supplies, unpacked boxes, etc, etc... oh yes... Did I say tools as well?) We don't have a place to store our shoes when we come in and I don't want them on the hardwood floor because they are wet and muddy with little rocks from the road. Yup, we live in the Arctic Wasteland as Darcy says. I found this great idea on Pinterest and loved it. I've never liked boot trays but with the rocks in it, I think it looks so pretty. I love rocks so this is a nice way to display them. 
What I didn't realize was how many bags of rocks each tray would take. I bought 3 bags for each tray (we need one for when visitors come over) for a total of 6 bags, well I used all 6 bags on one tray. Yikes!! Good thing I bought them for 15% off at Michaels. I guess I'll be going back to get more bags for the other tray. 

Here's my version, now I just hope the rocks stay in the tray or else you know who (The D Man) will have something to say about it. 

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