Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pleats Are In Again

Hanging our curtains became an all weekend affair. Who would have thought a weekend would have been spent hanging 4 panels of IKEA curtains. We went to hang our new curtains on Friday night and soon realized we didn't want them to be hung with the clips like I had originally intended. Darcy won out on this and I'm glad he fought for the solution we came up with. We made our weekly pilgrimage to Home Depot on Friday night looking for rings and a solution to how to hang the curtains without the clips. 
We came up with using pleat hooks and the rings. At the time we didn't realize this was a common way to hang curtains and it would result in pleats. Da... After we got home we realized the pleat hooks we bought were not the right ones. They have a butterfly wing on each side and it wouldn't fit inside of the slots of the curtains. We searched all over GP finally finding them at Fabricland. If you are looking for anything related to curtains, drapes, rods or accessories head to Fabricland. We hit the jack pot. 
This will create a single pleat, double or triple pleat. These 2 videos helped to show me how to create the pleats and the different options for IKEA curtains. I love Google and You Tube for helping to come to decisions about how to do stuff. 

We chose to hang the curtain rod close to the ceiling because our ceilings are low. It helps to give the room a feeling of being higher than they really are. This site gives some great advice on how to far to place the curtains from the window frame. 

As Darcy was installing the rods, I went to work creating several different configurations and finally coming to this final product. It was 8 spaces, hook, 8 spaces and hook to create a single pleat. I tried double pleat and smaller pleats but it didn't quite look right. Pulling out and redoing 50 pleats can take it's toll on your fingers. Mine are killing me as I'm typing. 
We decided to hang the rod brackets 8 inches from the trim and the rod extended another foot past the bracket. We needed to do this because we used 4 panels and we wanted to have light coming in. 

Here is the final product. They just need to be hemmed and ironed. I'll tackle that this week. 

I've loved these curtains for years. I'm so happy with the way they've turned out. Darcy keeps saying I could look else where but what he doesn't realize is these were my inspiration for this room looking this way. It's calming and serene. Just what I need after a long day at work. 

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