Monday, February 18, 2013

Hold On Tight

I know I promised to show you our new kitchen counters but we worked all weekend, again, in the kitchen. I didn't quite realize how much work the kitchen can be. Maybe it's because I want it done so I can work in it but as we added cabinet doors and drawers, and then the dishwasher was installed this week, it become difficult to get into the drawers without pulling the bottom one out, then the second drawer and finally the one you want. 
We worked today on installing the drawers underneath the cooktop. Yay, no more looking at the pots. I was determined to get the drawers installed this weekend even though the repairman has been here 2 times to fix our NEW cooktop. He was here on Saturday to replace the circuit board and we ended up getting a F47 code. Not sure what that meant, other than it didn't work. Frustrating to say the least. It works now, you just can't turn down the heat. You need to turn it off then back on again. Maybe the third time will be the charm. 
We didn't get all the pulls put on but we got the drawers done which will sure has helped with opening drawers. It was a long process of building the template. I'm not sure how he did it but he spent a good hour in the garage building it. I have to say, it worked incredibly well. You'll see in the picture below, all the drawers have to come out to get into the top one.
It was fine until all cabinet doors were installed. We needed to get this fixed.

We found the center of the drawer front, marked it with a little pencil. 
You'll see the block has a saw notch made by the blade going down the center of it. We lined this up with the little pencil mark.

Marked the two holes.
Then drilled the holes with a 5/16th drill bit. The wood behind was used so the drawer front didn't split at the back. I attached the pulls as he did more of the drawers.

They are all nicely lined up and so much easier to use. 

When it came to the pot drawers, we decided to use two handles per drawer. Not because each drawer needed two pulls but we liked the look of them. It makes them look uniform. They are all nicely lined up and symmetrical. Now the question becomes, do we go horizontal or vertical with the pulls on the doors? Any thoughts would be great.
We'll work on the doors this week or weekend and let you know how this worked out. Oh, I just about forgot, the top drawers don't have the same fronts as the other drawers. You won't see the boarder on these one. We looked through the IKEA catalog and kitchen catalog and noticed. most of the time, they attach the pulls the same distance from the top of the drawer as the drawer with the boarders. This means the pulls are the same height from the top of the drawers. 
As I was making dinner tonight, it was so nice pull on the handles and reach into nicely organized drawers. I'll show you how I organized them in other posts to come. Glad this task is complete. It's slowly coming together. 
Hopefully, the tutorial will help you attach their drawer pulls to your drawers. 


  1. Wow! Very productive weekend! Drawers look great!

  2. Thank you Mem. It's nice to finally have the pulls on.