Sunday, March 10, 2013

The END is near

I can't contain my excitement any longer. The flooring is 85% complete but the hardest part is done. This is was the hardest part:
There were many angles to deal with and it sat this way for quite awhile until about 3 weeks ago when Darcy began working on this area again. Yes, Darcy has done the floor because the company we hired to come out and do it cancelled on us THREE times. Finally we gave up and started it ourselves. 
Here's where we started...

Yes, the first four rows are down. 

More is getting completed. I'm sure you get the just of it so I won't show you anymore photos but Darcy should be very proud of himself for tackling such a project. We would have gladly had the company come in and do the work but when you cancel three times on us and the last time, you don't even bother to call us to tell us the installers won't be coming. Well, I think that's unacceptable and you don't deserve our business. 
Darcy finished the hallway, the most difficult part, I might add. Many naysayers said he couldn't do it and some said, yes, he could. He's proven to himself that he's capable of doing a job like this. He should be very proud of himself. He's never laid hardwood before but I would hire him. It's been a long  haul but the end is near. He's got the mudroom and the stair nose to do yet. 
Today the baseboards even went up which helps to finish the hallway off. It looks amazing!!!
Here's the finished product. AMAZING!!! 

The boxes are in place because the glue has to set. The baseboards are not quite complete. Are you ready for the final reveal....?
Looking down the hallway as you enter the house. The white post will be painted the same color as the railing. I can't wait to get this project complete. Next week, I'll share what that's going to look like. 

Our entry way.

Heading to the bedrooms.

Looking to the front door. This door will be painted the same color as the railing. 

That's Phoenix basking in the sun ray in our kitchen. He very rarely stays still and to have the camera pointed at him, I wish I'd had my telephoto lens on to get that cute expression. 

Oh, isn't it lovely. I'm so happy, vacuuming was so much easier with it all complete. Nice and clean. 
You'll see the ugly flooring in the bathroom off to the left. This will be our next big job to tackle but not for a time being. 

Flowers Everywhere!

Can we talk procrastination or what??? Today, I'm the biggest procrastinator you will find. I just don't want to get these math report card comments done. Instead, I went shopping for flowers. Yes, you read that correctly. For some reason, I'm addicted to having fresh flowers around me. Perhaps it's the anticipation of spring coming or finally having our lives get back to some sense of normalcy. Fresh flowers are perking up my spirits. 
So instead of sitting at the computer and writing report card comments, I'm writing a quick post to share some of the little vignette's (I love this word) I've created with my fresh flowers. 
Yes, you are seeing a tin can being used as a flower vase. I don't have anything small enough, so I figured why not use this. I cleaned it out as best I could. I think spray painting it white will make it look even better or maybe a bright orange or yellow. No spray painting today since the wind is blowing like it does in the Wizard of Oz. 
I love waking up to fresh flowers by my bed. They are some of the left overs from the Daisy's I bought last week. The bouquet was just too big so I separated them and put them around the house. A large bouquet can go a long way. Nobody said you had to keep them together. These flowers last a long time. Tulips, not so much. 

Drat!!! I just noticed my lamp shade is crooked. I guess I'm not as detailed orientated as I thought, I'll get better. I love tulips!!! 
Anyone else have favourite flowers they like to buy themselves at this time of the year? The flowers just seem to help put a smile on my face when I look at them.  Spring is on it's way!
I know I promised to show you the kitchen but it's not 100% finished and with Teacher's Convention, report cards, and going away to Edmonton last weekend there just hasn't been time. 
I'm getting to it I promise. 
Enjoy the vignettes'...
Oh and our hallway flooring just got completed today. It's so exciting around here. I'll have before and after photos soon. Just keep coming back.