Saturday, December 22, 2012


I have been getting a lot of questions lately about why we decided to move from our house which was a lovely house into this place which needed so much work. I am not sure myself but I can't really turn back now.
New house

Old house

I guess one of the main reasons was to move to a neighbourhood where everyone took care of their homes. The village is a great neighbourhood, in fact, many people in Grande Prairie comment, "Oh the Village is so nice!" Please don't get me wrong, I loved the old neighbourhood. My friends were there, we had terrific neighbours who watched out for our house and even watched out for us. Since building our house in 2005 the neighbourhood changed quite a bit and families that were once there moved away. It was only in the last year or so where more kids were moving back in. I love seeing kids riding their bikes, jumping over home made ramps, playing street hockey or just walking or riding their bikes. I loved walking Maxx and Phoenix and stopping to say hello to those mowing their lawn or cleaning the outside of their house. It was a place where I knew many of the neighbours. The neighbourhood has changed and maybe it was us who changed. We had become less tolerante of the big trucks and the young kids who decide a Wednesday night party is a good idea.
The house we initially build was a by-level (walk in the front door and you either go up or down stairs). I LOVED THIS HOUSE because we built it together. It was our very first place together. There were a lot of sweat and tears shed here. We have wonderful memories of building and making it our own. It was the first house that was ours. The one problem with it was that it wasn't a bungalow. We had wanted to build a bungalow from the start and we were talked about of it. :( We've often commented about how the only thing wrong with the house was that it wasn't a bungalow. Other than that it was fine. We'd made special changes to what is called a 'spec house'. The house eventually became too small or perhaps my husband just needed to be better about throwing stuff away or getting rid of it. I think this move helped to sulidify that because there was  a lot to move and I keep hearing how he is going to weed through the tools and junk in the garage. I'll be doing the same in this house but not until we can actually move into it.
The other reason we moved was to pay less taxes. Our yearly taxes in Royal Oaks were $3800.00 for a corner, yes, you read that correctly. Here in the village, our taxes will be about $2400.00 for a corner lot with WAY MORE real estate. It's a much quieter neighbourhood and I don't have my husband complaining about the noise the neighbours make with their big jacked up trucks with heavy mufflers.
We also moved because a bungalow was better for our dogs. There is only one set of stairs and we are not stepping over cut boxes made into gates to go up and down the stairs to bedrooms or the front door. Everything is on one level or the basement. This is a feature we love.
We both saw potential in the house and that's what we're working on now. Well I hope this helps to clarify our reasons for the move. I know there are way more reasons and some days I'm wondering why we did it but today, we've worked hard finishing laying our sub floor so the hardwood can go down and I'm feeling like we're getting some place. Tomorrow I may feel differently but we'll see.

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