Monday, December 24, 2012

Where did we start?

When we got the keys on September Long Weekend we instantly started cutting down weeds with the chain saw. Yes, you read that correctly. We had to cut them with a chain saw. They were so thick and tall, as tall as a yield sign to be honest, we couldn't use the whipper snipper because the thickness of the trunk was breaking the plastic snipping part. We cut the lawn and started to tear down the railing on the porch. It was in really bad shape.
The first painting project I embarked on was to remove the hideous rust colour on the front door and garden doors at the back. We installed new door handles and locks so the old tenant couldn't get in.

For now, we had to match the door colour to the siding colour. We'll replace the siding in a couple of years so for now this will have to do. After painting, I noticed that I hadn't done a very good job. If you look closely you can see my roller stroke at the bottom of the window. I'll redo it in the Spring time. I've since become a much better painter. You get that way after painting a whole house.

 I'm still not sure about painting the white trim around the window frame. For now it's staying the way it is. Our door handle comes from Home Depot. Here they are:
Vendani door handles

Tavaris Handle and lock
When I go to repaint the door in the spring. I'll follow these instructions. Or these, Blissfully Ever After has a great post about how to paint doors like a pro. Check it out to find out more. 

The front porch was also painted but I'll save that post for another day. 

Merry Christmas and enjoy the day with your families and friends.  

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