Saturday, December 29, 2012

Master Closet

This was a much bigger job than I thought it would end up being. My husband has a lot of clothes, more than me in fact which is strange because I love to shop. I guess I do a much better job at de-cluttering. Although he did just bring to my attention that I have a whole other closet with pants and clothes inside of it (they are all going to the second hand store to be sold when I head to Edmonton next). So really I don't think they should count. 
I think it makes for a much more peaceful sleep and morning when you know where your clothes are and where they should go at the end of the day. 
We've always had a large bedroom with a fair amount of wall space where the dressers could go but in this new bedroom the walls are broken up which means we had a difficult time fitting our dressers into our room without it feeling over crowded. I like getting out of bed and feeling like I have room to move. I don't like a lot of stuff in my way that I may bump into. 
I wanted as many clothes to go in the closet as possible in this new space and I only wanted side dressers. 
Here's what the bedroom looks liked and you'll see why we have too much furniture in the room. My apologies for the terrible and dark photos. I usually do much better but I wanted to get this post done. 
My apologies for the messiness on the dressers. I was working on cleaning out the insides today. We still haven't moved into the house. Some of these things are Christmas gifts that need wrapping and sent away. I know Christmas has past but I've been busy. The other stuff is that left over stuff you're not sure where it should go. 

The dog kennels do not usually stay in our room. They will go someplace else once our hardwood flooring is complete. It's just easier to keep them in one space rather than move them all the time.
Because we found some side dressers each with three drawers, it's was important to fit as much in the closet as well. Plus I am trying to get Darcy to use the hamper and not the floor for storing his clothes, case in point. 
He says it's to save the environment. Yes, I know they are folded but he has a whole closet to use and laundry hampers to use. 
Here is where we started with a closet. 

Yup, a big mess.  Couldn't take it any longer so I went to work. I added shelves down the middle for sweaters and t-shirts. I would have liked drawers going down the middle but I didn't want to spend a whole bunch of money. We had initially went with the Rubber Maid Fast Track system and it was much easier to keep with the same system. Some of the shelves on the right were not staying because my jewelry will hand there on hooks. 
I also wanted the laundry baskets to be in the closet. My old wicker ones would need to go because they took up too much real estate. I double layered the hanging racks, put t-shirts and shirts on top and pants hanging on the bottom. 
I also colour coded all clothes items. I've never done this before but it sure makes for a much nicer looking closet and I also think easier to find items. I'm visual and remembering what color an item of clothing is is much easier. Having the clothes on the shelves will also help to remember what I have to wear. 
The process began raising the first free slide rack, adding the shelves and then adding the second free slide rack. The hardest part was deciding where clothing would go and how it would be organized. 
I still have to put Darcy's clothes on white hangers but before I do this, he needs to get rid of some pieces of clothing. The seasonal items will ge stored in IKEA Garnityr boxes which we'll pick up next time we're in Edmonton. 

This will help to keep a clean look throughout the space. So are you ready for the reveil? Here it is. 

I think this shelf will come down and my jewelry hooks will go here. 

The space above will be used for shoes not worn in the winter. 
The pink jewelry bag will be used for traveling, right now it's the home for the jewelry. I'm happy with it so far but it's only 75% finished. I'll show you more when it's complete. 

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