Monday, December 17, 2012

Welcome to Brown in the Village


I have been wanting to start this blog since we first got possession of our new house September Long Weekend but we've been SOOOO busy with renovating and more renovating, oh ya and working full time jobs. Well it's now December and I'm getting started. Perhaps it's because I finally have some time. I can't do anything tonight because we are installing the sub floor (pictures will come later, please be patient). I'm in a crowded basement with furniture everywhere. 

Well enough about what's happening now how about we go back about 3 and a half months so you can see where we started. 
Front of the house. As you can see it's really overgrown and needs a lot of TLC, just wait till you see what the inside looks like. 

It has had renters for the past 5 years and the last one did nothing to take care of the house.

It looks like we're trying to get through a forest. 

Hard to see the house from the side.

Backyard. Please don't think this is my outside furniture because it's not. Left from the previous owners. We took 5 loads to the dump and we're still not done. 

This bush shouldn't be any taller than my waist but it's as high as the roof. I remember all I could say was "Oh my God!"

How are we going to get rid of this? Underneath the tall grass are sharp rocks. Yes, the grass has grown over the rocks. This should be fun in the spring. 

This is where we now live and work to make it our new home. It's a work in progress that has been a labour of love and something to hate all at the same time. I hope you come back soon to see the progress we make. 
See you soon!

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