Sunday, January 13, 2013

Starting to Feel Like Home

This will be a very quick post. I was just up making a cup of tea and it hit me, the house is starting to feel like our home. It hasn't really felt like a home until just a little while ago. I don't know if it's that some important and time consuming jobs are getting done or if it's because we're starting to unpack some of our boxes but it's beginning to feel like a home.
It has taken a very long time, just about 3 months, but I know that we made the right decision to move and make this place our own. It's nice to sit at a kitchen table without papers and tools around it. Having dinner tonight was calming and relaxing. We even got to have friends over for supper last night. I've cooked in my semi-finished kitchen every night last week and I can't wait to start baking again. Progress is being made and we're starting to see the results. See I told you it was going to be a short post. Have a great week if I don't see you before next weekend. 

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