Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spice of Life

Today is the last day of my Christmas vacation or what some call Winter Holiday. It's been a busy and productive two weeks. A lot has gotten done but there is still so much more to do. Yesterday, I actually got to unpack some boxes. Yippy!!!! Yes, you read that correctly. We've been in this house for about 2 and half months and we haven't unpacked boxes. We've unpacked clothes, bathroom stuff and what ever was needed for dishes and the odd pot and pans but nothing else because we knew we would either have to move it or remove it and store it some other place in the house. We had enough to move already. So we just lived with the minimum. This is how we've lived more of less for the past 2 and a half months. 

Crazy I know!!!!!

But yesterday I actually went on a treasure hunt to find pot barley. The store didn't have any and I knew I had some packed in a box some place. I wanted to make Hamburger Soup and it's an integral ingredient. I ended up finding it packed in a box some place along with other goodies I forgot I had. 
One of the big jobs I got accomplished yesterday was weeding through my spices and Tupperware stuff. Oh my... do I have a lot of Tupperware. The stuff we've been using since we moved in has worked just fine and so now I'm being really tough and saying "No! It's not needed" This is really hard because you know how much money you've spent on it. Tupperware is not cheap here in Canada. 
I went through my spices and decided what needed to stay and what needed to go. I still have some spices I'm thinking about getting rid of but I might wait a bit until I know for sure that I haven't used them in the next 6 months. I'm all about riding myself of stuff I don't use or don't need or don't want anymore. I have this spice set (with black lids) but I am not loving them. The lids are really hard to open and it's difficult to get the measuring spoons in the containers. I'm thinking perhaps this set from IKEA would be better since we have IKEA cabinets and drawers. 

I think I'm leaning towards the bottom ones. They will provide more space in the drawer and allow me to write on the lids instead of using the labeller like I did on the older containers. I'll be able to also add all of my spices in the one drawer instead of using two drawers like I am now. 

I also got the opportunity to line the drawers with the Variera drawer mat. This is so handy to have. It helps your cans and kitchen items from sliding around and scraping the bottom of your drawers. It's also easy to take out and clean when it gets all soiled. 
It's very easy to use, measure the width of your drawer and make one cut. IKEA has the roll already for the length of the drawer so you only need to make the one cut. It's super easy. Here is the finished product. I know for some of you this seems silly but I believe an organized kitchen is a pleasant place to cook in and with two of us cooking we need to have a home for things. Remember, it's about downsizing and not having what we don't need. 

Things are slowing starting to come together. Slowly being the important word in that sentence. I'm okay with it though or at least I am today. Have a great Sunday and for those of you heading back to school tomorrow. Have a wonderful last day of your holiday. 

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