Thursday, January 10, 2013

Command Center

Paper, Paper, Paper...
How do all of you control paper? This is a huge problem in our house hold. Not just because we've been renovating or we've moved in the last 3 months but it just can't seem to be controlled. Mail comes in the door and sits on either the island or the kitchen table. I realize we we've moved and things still are not unpacked and we are living through renovations but the amount of paper is just so overwhelming. I had to get this under control and considering the kitchen is getting close to being finished, well at least the cabinet doors are going on and stuff is being unpacked, it was time to get this paper thing organized.
I went through and thought about what paper do we have to deal with.
Well, there are:
grocery bags
gift cards/movie passes
dog leashes and jackets
my school lunch kit and computer bag
little bits of screws and home thingies (not sure if this is a real word)

I knew this closet would be my new command center.
I've scoured Pinterest for ideas and some blogs I follow. This one in particular really caught my eye. It's my inspiration. 
I have this same shelf in this length and the smaller version. I will only be able to use the smaller version. But for now this is what I've started with. 

I know it doesn't even come close but it soon will. For right now all mail and paper is going into the baskets and the baseball caps have a place to be stored rather than my kitchen counters or table. The wire shelves will be replaced with solid shelves and the IKEA expedit shelf will be moved in. Come back to see what the final product will look like. Looking forward to seeing you then. 

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