Sunday, May 5, 2013

No You Didn't...

Oh yes I did!!!! 
And it's not what you think...
I decided it was time to clean our cream sectional sofa. In our old house it sat downstairs and wasn't used very often. It got the occasional vacuum and cleaning but it didn't get the wear and tear it gets now. Plus it was upstairs while we were tearing out flooring and the dust was getting ground in. 
I've cleaned it many times before with a carpet cleaner and then with my Bissell Green machine. But I'd used upholstery cleaner. I'm trying to go chemical free and found a recipe I thought would work in the machine. 
I mixed 2 parts warm water with 1 part vinegar and 1 part hydrogen peroxide and went to work cleaning. I was having some problems with the Bissell sprayer, why I'm still not sure. So I proceeded to take out my vinegar and water, spray away and then vacuum up the excess water. Didn't really think this would do anything other than clean, well was I wrong. I finished and left it to dry while we went out looking for tile for our bathroom, the buttons rusted and seeped through. 
Gross! But I was pleased with the amount of dirt that was removed but the end result, not so much.
APPARENTLY! I didn't pay much attention in chemistry class and didn't realize the vinegar reacted with the metal in the button. The area where I'd sprayed the vinegar and water was the worst. Yes, I had wrecked my nice cream couch. Darcy was calmer than I expected, thank goodness and searched Google for a way to solve the situation. I love Google. 
This one doesn't really show the extent of the damage I caused. 

When I look at these photos the couch still looks dirty :(

Luckily, we found out that lemon juice will neutralize the acid of the vinegar and the salt will work to remove the stain. 
I tried it on a couple of places and it was seeming to work. The hydrogen peroxide did not work, it removed some of the rust stains but not all. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo but I was way to worried about this to even think about doing a post. It was after the fact when I had was putting on the lemon juice and salt where I even thought to take photos. 
I let that sit for about an hour or two and then vacuumed up the salt. It had worked, well at least it was better than the brownish rust stains. The only thing the lemon juice and salt did was to bleach or clean the area around the button more than the couch had already been cleaned. You'll see a little bit of brighter fabric around the button area if you look real hard. I know it's there but others might not. Like I said, it was WAY better. 

Here you can see the little white areas around the buttons. Not at big deal. I'm sure they will eventually blend into the rest of the couch. Or maybe I'll try using lemon juice next time. Kidding...

Final product. I'm happy to see the lightened areas around the buttons rather than the dark rust stains. Next, I think I'll rearrange the room. Come back to visit to see if I change it or leave it this way. 

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  1. Ack! That sucks. I hate when I think I have found a brilliant idea and then it turns out to be a bit of a dud. A few weeks ago I found a recipe for DIY jewellery cleaner. It worked great on much of my stuff, but then it also took some of the patina off of my pandora bracelet - i was so sad (although I am sort of starting to get used to the lighter version now). I am sure you could reupholster some buttons and just glue them on. Wouldn't be perfect, but would hide the spots.