Monday, May 20, 2013


What a great weekend! We went to see Fleetwood Mac on Friday night in Calgary, they were as good as you'd think they would be. Classic Rock Band. I am so glad we drove down to see them. We just about skipped out and stayed at home. The weather was so good, we just wanted to be home to get some things accomplished. 
We decided to make the trip to Edmonton go farer and we headed home instead of staying to visit with family. As much as I wanted to visit, I also needed to be home to get some jobs accomplished. 
One of those jobs is our lawn. It is a sad, sad, sad sight. I think lawn is an understatement, it's more like a patch of dried dirt and dandelion. We are the eye sore of this neighbourhood. We're working on it but it's slow going. 
We drove home Saturday and arrived late but that didn't stop us on Sunday. We divided and conquered two major jobs that needed completing. Darcy worked on the railing on our front porch and I worked on over seeding the lawn. Both were big jobs. 
I think this photo gives you a pretty good idea of what the front porch and the lawn looked like on our first day. 
Oh my! It was in very rough shape. 
This was taken a week ago as our roof was being replaced. The cedar shakes smell delightful when it rains. 

You can see by the next two photos how badly the lawn needs to be attended too. 

This was today as Darcy was building the railings. It's just about done. 

I've over seeded the lawn with dirt, peat moss, sand and seed. Now we just need to water, water, water or maybe some rain would help our cause. 

The front porch all painted and ready to enjoy. I can't wait to sit out here during the summer months and read and maybe even have myself a margarita.  

I think I'm in love. 

The not complete but looking WAY BETTER photo. 
Here are the before and current photos again. 


  1. Wow! Looking good! Great job Darcy. The lawn will look amazing too in the near future. Mem

  2. Thank you very much Mem. With more water, I'm sure we'll be seeing some progress on the lawn.

  3. So, you decided to go for cedar roof shingles this time. Well, that was a great decision because it matched with the rest of the exterior. Likewise, cedar is a great material too. It looks authentic, and you are guaranteed with its durability and performance.