Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eat Me Up

Sorry but I went on vacation from the house, work and the snow. But while I was away I fouls the letters I was looking for. It was a spur of the moment shopping trip with my mom and her friend. We had been going from shop to shop and then we entered Hobby Lobby. Well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
I couldn't believe all of the cute things I could have bought for our house. Luckily, I stopped at the letters and a cute sign for the laundry. I actually had to stop because I needed to get shoes and clothes home. It took some rearranging but it all fit. I finally got some time to hang the letters. Here is what they look like. I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.


  1. Cute! Sure glad you didn't buy 'D' 'I' 'E' 'T'! ;) Mem

  2. I hear such great things about Hobby Lobby! I don't think that Michael's really compares. Your new letters are really cute....that must have been fun hauling home!

  3. It sure was. I could have shipped them but I wanted to see them asap. I love them as well.