Sunday, June 9, 2013

OMG! OMG! and our Accomplishments

That's all we could say the first day we got the keys to the house. We walked around outside, taking pictures and then inside. OMG! Were the only words to describe what I was feeling that day. Well, I think I was really OVERWHELMED with the amount of projects we had to get done. 
The house was in rough shape. We've worked weekends and even some evenings. 
Yesterday we tackled a flower bed. We'd decided we would work on one each weekend, well for the weekends we could work on them. We do both work very full time jobs at times. 
Here's what we accomplished this weekend and then I've got some before and after pictures to show you as well. 
First thing in the am. We were trimming the excess branches  on the bottom.
Privacy is great but  this is over growth. 

The finished product. We're quite happy with it. Please ignore our hillbilly dog area.
We're not sure what we're going to do with it. Oh it's an eye sore. 
You won't believe these before and after photos. I think I stared at them for over an hour last night. Marvelling at the amount of work we've done.